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First the race reposts for this past weekend
Oval Friday
With michael skeen getting back to the track with his new hyperdrive and resetting tq 83/4:02.75 and main track record to 82 4:00.85 I think oval is going to get more fun. see the results here
Offroad Saturday
let me say that it was fun calling the races Saturday night/sunday morning. with 125 entrees for a club race we had some of the closest mains I think you can have as one was lost by .01 second. Dan Reino in Gas truck and Aaron Bigger in 1/8th Buggy taking the top spots in our 2 largest classes with both having nearly 40 entrees each. Even our electric classes were close races. The best show was Jermey Newsome bumping from the D to the B and missing the A by 1 second. check out all the results here
Onroad Sunday
back to a regular groove with onroad no records set but the "B" main qualifing top 4 was seperated by 5 seconds and the "B" main proved to be intense. see the results here

now a word from the track owner Michael Skeen

we weren't expecting that many people we apologize for the lack of pit spaces and that late hours. I know several people had to go home before it was over.
Robert did the best he could to keep the races flowing as smooth as possible especially since it was double our highest entry count for the year.
We are looking at either starting earlier on the big weekends say 1pm or doing a pre-entry system and limiting the number of entries we want to make sure everyone gets what they paid for we just had no idea that many people would show up. I believe the racer shoud get 3 heats and the mains for their money.
We will be more prepared for next time and make sure everyone has a good time. Sorry for the long hours.
Any suggestions is appreciated. Let me know what you guys think on changing the start time and or pre entries


Michael Skeen
thunnder Rc
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