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Originally Posted by padailey
ok I'm going crazy with all these parts!! whew!! Anyhow I want to get a M03 and am wondering which is best? sorry had to do it... actually I've read the little bit on rc-mini and would get the M03M but everyone at the track is getting them so to be different and run a cooper body I think I'll go with the M03. Could somone verify if I've got the parts right to get the M03 to M03M status except for the length.

I think I have plenty of bearings sitting around for the whole car.
50882 TA04 Kingpins
51238 F Parts MWB extension and new suspension for M03M
53345 Toe-In Rear Upright

Is there more and/or are these the right parts? Again I'm not looking to hop it up right now just get the extra goodies from the M03M and then go from there.

you don't need 53345 the 21238 has toe in rear uprights.
You'll need 8 qty 10mm x 5 mm bearings. that's all
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