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Default Serpent gears on the RFX

I KNOW that the Serpent Spurs will fit the RFX as my Friend has them on his. (I'm still using the Trinity spurs). I've seen pictures of the Reflex lightweight 2spd housings and the Serpent housings and they look identical. The Flywheels are very close to being the same diameter within a few mm. AND I can't imagine why Serpent would completely redesign it's entire 2spd when the original worked just fine and just needed some refinements. I also think that it will work only with the standard RFX 1 piece motor mount, but cannot confirm this as yet.
I honestly do not know if the Pinions will fit the RFX clutchbell though.
Maybe someone has both cars 705 & RFX and can do the measurements for everyone. Hint, Hint!!
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