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Default TC3 Pushing

I race TC3 Stock on Carpet.

I seem to have a heavy 'push' leading into the corners of a tight track. Is this a setup issue and/or a driver skill issue?

Car Setup:
Stock Motor
72T Spur, 20T Pinion
Front Shocks: Threaded Ubo, 70wt, purple, mid mount upper, #2 pistons
Rear Shocks: Threaded Ubo, 50wt, gold, mid mount upper, #2 pistons
Droop: 6mm F&R
Ride Height: 5 mm F&R
Plaid Front, Purple Rear
Front Sway Bar, Silver
Batt Forward
Miss anything?

Driver Skill:
Novice at best!!
I have learned and understand drag brake and how it affects car balance leading into the corners. However, this track it would seem that there is not enough speed leading up to the next curve to allow drag brake to fully take effect.

I can finally make it around in a heat without hitting the barriers (too much). My completed laps are at about 75-80% of TQ.

Anything for me to look at regarding car setup and or driver skill would be appreciated.

The RC Barn, Hampton, MN


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