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Hey, everybody i've had my rfx for just over a year now and I luv it. yes i've broken it many times ,but I've thrashed on the track numerous times breaking belts from worn out stock pulleys.,Even had a Harley-Davision run it overjust broke the carb. off , But the hardest impact was at an exibetion at an arena race on an aluminum oval .car was hooked up turning laps 3-4 sec. faster than the mini winston cup cars appox. 60-65 mph. down the straights the track is banked about 15 degrees in the cornersand the transzition to the straight goes back to 4-5 degrees the wall had a hole at this point comming off the cornerI found this hole at about 40 mph and hit the metal strut the crowd went ooooooowwwwww just knoked off the header pulled out a pillow ball and cracked the fuel tank . just minor for the speed I hit the hole in the my car Harley now after theH-D incenident that guy was pissed I beat him on the street in front of my house. and I haven't seen him since then, these cars go so fast expect to break some thing if you keep running into stuff, or other racers. My .02 .....Bubba
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