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We have been running that motor for a long time in the FL State Series.

The best setup is as follows:

Trinity XXX Silver Brushes
Orion Black Heavy springs

Break it in for 8 min at 2v with a fan. The amps will be crazy high for the first minute or two. Keep breaking it in until the amps are holding ~10A.

As the motor breaks in it will get a silver skin on the comm which will give you crazy holeshot power for about half a lap. If you want to make the motor more mellow for the first lap just run the break in voltage up to 5v for a few seconds. At 5v the motor will rev like crazy and then the amps will drop a little and the rpm will drop a little.

After you run, skim the comm, clean the faces of the brushes with a comm pen and break it in again for 5 min. The motor should pull between 8 and 10A after 5 min. Repeat this until you loose 1mm from the brush length or you get 8A or more amp draw after break in.

Try an FDR in the 5.70-5.90 range and look for average lap times (never fast lap) to determine which is the right ratio.

FYI, The Orion/Peak Element/Vantage 19T is faster than the Reedy and you gear it about the same. It has more bottom end and runs cooler. We set them up the same as above.
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