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hello all I was wondering a few things ok roll-center
in low bite do u want to run low roll-center ?
med to high bite higher roll-center ?
my track is allways low bite so I have a hard time on the road where the bite is high what I did find is I raised the roll-center by 1mm and the car was hooked up I won 2 out of the 3 a mains ... OK low bite -vers droop I found that more uptravle or less droop vers more droop works better say the rear is set at 5.5mm with 1mm of up travel to 6.6mm the cas was still loose off power but when I went to 5.5mm with 3mm up travle to 8.5mm the cas was better
so if your car is loose off power droop is not the 1st thing to try in my book because as the droop screws hit the chassis u loose traction that tells me its not in the droop otherwise it would of worked . Now if I want to transfer less weight forward do I want to try stiffer Ft springs ? ..Next rear toe I went from 2 to 3 mm still a bit of off power loose and it didn't want to rotate as fast due to the extra on power forward bite...what is the best way to slow the cars reaction down ,Oil and lower roll-center? I'm running TF-5 stallion stock 13.5 brushless rubber any input will help ..
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