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When i lived on the central coast (Central California) out in the 'country' i had 2 HS's within half an hours drive. One had a Sunday morning track set out in the car park (put together by those with cars that turned up) and we had a 'race' or two with TC's, 1/18th buggys etc... and it was FUN...
I move about 70 miles East of LA where i am considered to be in a 'city' and have 2 HS's within 10 minutes walk, at least 3 HS's within half an hours drive and probably 10 HS's within an hours drive. NOT one of the local HS's i have round me has a track set out on a Sunday morning.
Good marketing practice eh? .. no wonder TC's are dying out..

I just practice round my own cones in the apartment complex car park...
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