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Cool New to the area, and looking to get back into the groove...

Well first off, I'm 26 years old and like long walks on short piers, taking hikes, and also getting lost.

On a serious note, I live about 20 minutes or so from MHH, and am looking into the possibility of racing again.

I used to race my RC10 (Graphite Chassis w/ Stealth Trans) at Trains and Lanes in Easton, Pa when they had the outdoor clay oval (not sure if they still do or not), and raced my RC10L on the carpet track upstairs in the winter, and moved up and bought a brand new RC10T (Black Tub Chassis/Stealth Trans) and raced that at A&D's R/C works in Stroudsburg, Pa. This was what feels like eons ago. I still have my truck, and it's 100% original. Complete with a novak T-4, and a Green Machine stock 27 turn motor. Anyone who has ever driven something like this at least 10 years ago has to feel the same way about it that I do. I am looking for a 1/10 scale electric class (Don't have the $ or the motivation to move onto gas or go any smaller than 1/10 scale unless I can do it cheaply.)

Is it possible to still drive a completely original 1st Gen RC10/T and still be competitive? (I'm not really worried about all the upgrades and having the fastest car out there. I am just curious as to how well my truck can keep up with the newer stuff out there (electric 1/10 scale cars and trucks). It's all about the driving anyway.

Well just figured I'd throw that out there. I'm looking to get back into it either way.

The RL name is Jeremy btw and my nick makes sense if you read it backwards and inverted.

Throw me some ideas or some info PLEASE!
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