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I store my stuff in a LipoSack, so I'm with you on being safe. Batteries are inherently dangerous, and should be respected regardless of their chemistry. There's a lot of misinformation about LiPo, and how spectacularly they combust. Cheaper cells are much more volatile, and prone to fires and such. Quality cells, such as those produced by Kokam are quite the opposite, and are arguably safer than NiMH. Calling all LiPo dangerous is like saying all dogs bite, or all snakes are poisonous.

The safety argument is valid, but when it's used as a blanket statement about LiPo, like the way you used it, and the way ROAR has used it, it sounds like the lazy way out, because it's wrong. If you're going to so adamantly stand by something you've said, at least make sure you fully understand it. Otherwise, you're simply a victim of misinformation and FUD, and that would be extremely unfortunate.

Originally Posted by robk
I stand by what i said, and I would love to be proven wrong over the long run.

Edit:Now that I think about it, NIMH blow up too when you overcharge them, and so did NICD. Just not so spectacularly. But getting closer to the edge got more performance in a lot of cases. I doubt that the charge methods advocated by the battery manufacturers have been toyed with to the extent that guys who get things for free tend to. If they have, why not tell us about it. It would go a long way toward convincing me this is the real deal. I just think that if you are only into lipo for the "convienience" factor, you are not trying to run the cells at the limit of durability.

In the case of spontaneous combustion, fear is good.
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