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TimPotter--Flipped out---YES!! When were the members going to find out, when its too late!!!! Atleast this way we know whats being discussed by the committies or will be discussed!

Someone had mentioned that money will be saved by not wearing out tires with 4 cells, but then the same people say that the 4 cell will be just as fast... So no saving there..

Roar should of put a cap on cells, now its too late to do that.. Everyone is blowing winds because they are running 6-7 turn motors, with 2400's you wouldnt run them cause you wouldnt make run time. It should of started there, not now to go down to 4 cells..

Brushless????? brushless just started appearing and now we have to make changes before it is even perfected? What if I dont want to run brushless?

Where is norrca?
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