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Originally Posted by CIN
I was thinking of getting the Losi 8ight but am undecided wether to get the kit version of the RTR version. Further more I want to also get a truggie.

1. Should I get the kit or RTR versions? I hear the losi 8ight RTR is near identical to the kit version. Can anyone list the differences please?

2. If I opt for the kit what engine is most suitable?

3. Any suggestions on what servos and remote to get?

4. I have no idea which truggie to get. Any suggestions?
i may be wrong, but as far as i know, the rtr 8ight is the same as the kit except it has white wheels and a white wing and has a pre-painted body. if you'd rather put in your own choice of motor/pipe/electronics, then get a kit 8ight.....or, get the rtr and dump their motor/pipe/electronics on ebay and you'll have an instant 8ight roller.

motors......can't ever go wrong with an os. for the buget minded, get the os .21 vg. if you've got the bucks, then get the vzb v-spec coupled with the os t-2050 pipe. (i'd use the os pipe with the vg too.) other motors to consider are the novarossi p5, rb concepts motors or the mugen ninja motors....there are tons more to choose from but these are some of the more popular motors.

servos.....there are just as many opinions as there are servos, but i love JR servos coupled up with my trusty old airtronics M8/spektrum combo. if i was buying new, i'd buy an M11.

truggy....wait for the 8ight-t. it's coming pre-built as a roller. just add your favorite motor/pipe/electronics/paint and you're set.
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