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Default seaball;

Droop should NOT be used to adjust tweek. Every single chassis adjustment must be equal side to side for the car to handle properly.
Placing a car on the Tweek Station should be the last step in one's set-up proceedure. Then very minor adjustments to SHOCK preload is used to correct any MINOR tweek variations. If you need to make the shock collars more than 1 turn different from side to side, there is a problem.
I set my shock lengths to be +/- .0005" at the same end of the car. For this reason I NEVER use O-rings as internal spacers.

The Knife method is too inaccurate. Slightly more weight on one side of the chassis will cause a false reading. This is why they sell 4 scale boards for this, though not really needed for Touring Cars.

For you Guys that understand chassis set-up. Try putting a block under the Front of the chassis when checking tweek on the rear. This really gives a better overall indication of Rear tweek.
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