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Originally Posted by Victor A
1 Masami Hirosaka(TQ) YOKOMO MR4-TC BD 20pt
2 Atsushi Hara Hot-Bodies Cyclone 18pt
3 Shinnosuke Adachi KYOSHO 15pt
4 Hayato Matsusaki Hot-Bodies Cyclone 15pt
5 Naoto Matsukura YOKOMO MR4-TC BD 14pt
6 Shinya Kimura YOKOMO MR4-TC BD 13pt
7 Masayuki Oyaizu Hot-Bodies Cyclone 10pt
8 Takeshi Yokoyama YOKOMO MR4-TC BD 10pt
9 Daisuke Yoshioka Hot-Bodies Cyclone 9pt
10 Billy Easton YOKOMO MR4-TC BD 5pt

5 Yokomo's , 4 Hot-Bodies' and 1 Kyosho .

no tamiyas? what happend? i know yatabe arena is yokomo country, but damn...Masami basically lives at that track. not fair
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