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Hey Guys,

I'm new to the electric game and it's time to ask a battery question.

I have 2 packs, Voodoo 4200. I left a charge in them after my run and discharged them at 30A before charging this morning. I immediately put one on charge at 6A w/ cutoff of 3mV/C.

The pack got up to 4300mAh before I uplugged it, I figured, 4200mAh pack getting to 4300mAh, not good. Am I correct? Or should I have let it do it's thing? I'm charging it on an Integy cooling deck (computer fan w/ 2 battery trays on it)

I'm wanting to race these packs today, so another question arises, my goal was to cycle them this morning to make sure I get max performance this afternoon, is this a good idea? Ex. pull packs out, discharge, put a full charge in, 1.5-2 hours later, discharge at 30A, recharge, race... Was my plan..

Any feedback is appreciated!
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