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Originally Posted by AdrianM
The places where Foam is being raced out doors are pretty casual. Once hardcore racers start running foam the fun ends and the racing expenses go up.
Oh really?......... come race with us "casual" asphalt foam racers here in NZ and you will quick smart find out how "casual" it is...........

Smallest tyres(foam) are not the fastest here for us on asphalt, I usually start around 60mm and will get 6+ runs out of a set (30-35shore tyres) before they get too twitchy and lose sidebite then they are good for indoor (carpet) for another 6 or so runs.
Bear in mind though that as fatbear said we don't allow any sort of tyre sauce or track treatment which probably helps the life of the tyre.

For us rubber would be a nightmare, we don't have the numbers to make spec tyres work effectively plus it WOULD be more expensive for US.
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