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Originally Posted by fatbear
In New Zealand we have raced foam tires at all levels for many years now in electric outdoors.
I have done some big rubber tire races overseas and I can honestly say that foam tires are faster, cheaper and last alot longer.
It is also so much easier as you only have a few compounds to realistically choose from, you don't have to worry about inserts etc.
I can see where Rick is coming from on carpet but outdoors it is a different story.
I run the tire from about 62mm down to about 57 or 58mm and then use them at our indoor racing. So I can sometimes get maybe 15-20 runs out of one set of tires, depending on the compound. (you must note that traction additives is not allowed at any level of competition here in New Zealand)

I honestly cannot understand why it is not done in more places around the world.

Before ROAR switched from rubber tire to foam that's what people were saying. "Foams are a lot cheaper, there are only a few compounts that work". Look what we have today, I'm willing to bet there are at least 8 different compounts of foam that could work on carpet. Then you have the manufacturers that make the same compound a little different.

Foams use to be cheaper, they aren't cheaper than prebuilt tires.

With prebuilt rubber tires you don't have to worry about insert, rim and tire combinations. You don't have to worry about constantly changing ride height, camber, gearing and roll center.

People complain about slight drop in lap times with rubber tires after a few runs. That's highly exaggerated, the drop isn't that substantial. The person who buys a new set after 3-4 runs is very rare too.
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