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I had never raced foam touring until the IIC, and had not raced 1/12 on foam for nearly 12 years. I dreaded the thought of racing in foam again. Truing tires, chunking tires, one run cuts, exotic team compounds nobody else could get, etc.

The IIC opened my eyes.

It was much worse than I had remembered. I can't, for the life of me, figure out why foam tires are so popular. They are faster which in this context is not good. Who cares if you are .6 seconds per lap faster when you can really only run your tires once if you are lucky and they don't check or peel during the first run.

To me, rubber tires are what making touring cars what they are. If you want to simply go faster, and experience the "positives" of foam tires, race 1/12. They are half the price, far less complicated, and the races are longer. There is no point ruining (in my opinion) TC with foam tires on asphalt.
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