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I really don't know where you people are getting your tires from. To tell you the truth if your paying the prices like you say you are that is your fault for not looking for better prices.

Also for everyone saying that GRP's are distributed by Horizon Hobby is wrong. They may have old stock from before. But now that GRP is going with the one company label they distributed by Great Plains. You see Great Plains and Tower Hobbies is the same company. Tower is Great Plains' online sales for the public. Than they are also a distibuter to LHS and online shops here in the US. So if Tower is selling something on there website they did not get it from Horizon. Have you ever wonder why you will never see any Losi items on Tower's website? That is because Horizon owns the part of Losi. Are you understanding where I am going with this.

My LHS is HobbyTown Usa it is the corprate headquarter's store. They started stocking GRP after HobbyTown had there National Convention for all the store owners and hobby vendors. Great Plains was at the convention and this was one of the RC product that they were really pushing.

For pricing my LHS sells all there sedan foam tires nitro or carpet excluding Jaco two stage tires for $14.99 a pair. This price i feel is a very fair price. They also sell Twister tires and these are even cheaper as they go for $12.50. They did for awhile sell foam tires for a higher price but after talking with a lot of there local customers and seeing there loytalty to shopping there they decided to lower the price to be more competive with the online shops. As for the two stage Jaco's they go for $16.99. I think if you are paying any higher than these prices you are being taken by price gouging Hobby shop owners that are jacking up the prices.

Furthermore if you surf the web just from the links to online hobbyshops here on rctech and you are still paying more than $14 than that is your own stupidity. You can find them all day long for $10 to $12 a pair. Heck Kyosho direct has tires for $12.99 a pair!!

Lastly I think that is was sometime ago that Jack Rimer even came here on RC Tech on another thread and explained how he had dropped the cost of his Jaco tires being sold to the hobbyshops.
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