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Originally Posted by PitCrew
The power source is ALWAYS going to be an issue. There is NO way around it. Even in gas powered cars. The MOTOR and the FUEL both dictate performance.

I guess maybe they could don't something like electric powered bumper cars that all get their power from a grid.... That way everyone would be getting the same ammount of power. Oh, but then the speedo's and motors are going to be different. Man I think we should all quit racing, cause that sounds like what people want to do is NOT race, but all drive around the track at the same speed.

Screw all the electronic stuff. Make cheaper tires. I know rubber tires only last a good weekend or two for $35-50 a shot. At least a $65 battery will last like 4-6 months depending on how you use them.
Ok, I will bite, so why don't you back the same as Nitro, you can run 16%, 25%, etc.... in Nitro, what ever you want to run.... That is all I'm asking for the ablitity to run NiMh or LiPo my choice, not the choice of ROAR. Personally I do not see the "difference in preformance" between NiMh and LiPo, so rather then fight about it, just place a regulator in there and call it a day. But you really are not in support of this, so what would you recommend? Remember LiPo should be a legal choice in the solution.
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