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Originally Posted by PitCrew
I am not sure what the problem is?

Clubs can do basically ANYTHING they want. Do you need big brother to step in and tell you how to run your business?

Around here they have done all sorts of cool things. Run 8 min and 10 minute heats and mains... And run series races, races for different types of classes, all sorts of things.
Continue to live the good life, because you are in an area that this is not the normal but the expection. It is nice to hear some areas in the US, do not have their head in the sand. It is nice to hear that hope is still alive.

Originally Posted by PitCrew
The only people that are TRULY crying about leveling the playing field are those who can not win. When in fact the field is either allready level, or can not be made level.

Even if you have some device that limits voltage, there are still factors with the batts like internal resistance, which makes a HUGE difference, and it would still be in play no matter what the voltage was limited to.
Limited voltage is not about "leveling the playing field, it is about make the power source not a issue any longer... So the racer can make a choice not leave it to hands of people that have another agenda.

Originally Posted by PitCrew
As for the field not being able to be level:
What if you drive a different car, have a different speedo, have different tires, etc etc etc.

So there you have it. If CLUBS need to do something to attract business, then they should do that because the CAN do anything they want! But everyone must play by the rules set out for ROAR in a roar race. Nothing wrong with that.
Sorry but you are just are not getting it.... Come to Jackson, MS and run for a season, you it will be very clear for you then... Both are at fault, racer and LHS owner, but the sad part is neither one wants to fix it, they just perfer to bitch about it.

This around of posting started out about NiMh vs LiPo and ROARs reason for "banning" LiPos, they tried to use the word "safety" and that is just plain BS. A lot of other things are great "safety" issues that have not been addressed before this.
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