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hehe go to the seremban 2 track ..... um how to get there is a big problem .... i know how to get there but dunno the directions- just know where to turn when i get there

its infront of komplex sukan ( new one ) and its surrounded by tall 'lalang' around its perimeter so u wont see the track but if u have sharp eyes u whould see part of drivers stand above the lalang at about 50 m away

i think u can play go kart on that track lol
and it makes a mod car looks SLOW HAHA
and they also have 1/5 scale cars -sometimes
the road is super sooooth and u can run a super stiff setup - u better run super stiff setup or u will flip ....
and its a no-brakes track
and dont b mistaken ... its a CLEAN TRACK

i dont play there often - only once and i almost fell asleep waiting 4 the car to cross the finishing line feels sooo slow !!!!!

10x3 on 5.6 gearing - stillll slow paced on thet track compared to stock on the track in JB !

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