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Umm i build a very primitive dis-charger, it easy

What you need --- High watt light bulb
--- Red and Black/blue Wiring
--- Copper wiring (BARE)
--- Some electronic skills
--- Wire Strippers and cutters

What you do---

1-Make a piece oof copper wire into a circle, and put it around the base of the bulb (Silver part) Then give it a stem off of the main circle about 1 inch long, face it away from the bulb.

2-Tighten it so it doesnt slip around, or move up and down

3-Attach the RED wiring onto that piece of copper wire.

4-Get some electric tape, and put the BLACK wire end on the very bottom piece of the bulb. Electric tape that all around, and make sure it is stuck on there TIGHT!!! If it losens up and comes off, then touches again, it will spark and 1 of 2 things will happen: 1- It will blow the bulb:;:2- It will blow ur battery!

5-Now take the other 2 ends of the wires, and strip them so that they have about 1/2 an inch out. Then cut 2 PERFECTALLY straight pieces of copper wiring and use electric tape to attack them to the other 2 sides of the wires. Then stick the 2 pieces of copper wiring into your tamiya connector, or if u are using a open-end connecter, just stick them on. And when the light goes out, u know ur battery has NOTHING left in it!

Hoped this helped
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