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Latest newsflash....

After reading numerous threads, I finally got the Cyclone dialed in. Pound for pound, I found the Pro4 to be faster BUT the Cyclone felt more like it was on rails. Off the line, the Pro4 blew the Cyclone away. It took my Cyclone a few seconds to get to up to speed but the Pro4, instant launch. I still dont know what that whiiirrr I hear is, but I cant seem to get rid of it (on the Cyclone). Out of the turns, the Cyclone was easier in and out the turns, riding like it was on rails, but the Pro4 punched harder with a little bit more finessing needed to keep it on track. Nonetheless, the Cyclone tracked much straighter than the Pro4 on the straights. Which do I prefer??? I wish there was a car in the middle, but I have to say, I have to lean to the Pro4 (the friggin rear diff on the Cyclone loosened again!). After racing three times against a buddy of mine, we laid it down three times racing one on one using my Cyclone and Pro 4. Swapping cars, the Cyclone one only once. Both cars, set up damn near the same with the only difference being the pitch of the gears and FD. The Cyclone-81/21 48dp FD=9.4 and the Pro4 98/26 64p FD-9.18. Same batteries (6000 Li-Po), same ESC (GTB), same motor(4.5), same rear toe in (HPI 2.5), same radio and receiver (spektrum), same shocks (threaded HPI's). Only difference was the body. The Pro4 had a rather beat up cadillac CTS body and the Cyclone, the Moorespeed. What does this all mean?? I may be looking to trade my Cyclone and all the goodies to get another Pro4!!!!
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