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Originally Posted by Silver
You don't get it. I don't hate eddie. And remember the post I made was from someone else who saw what HE perceived to have happened. A few others saw it the same way.
Now Eddie has given his side.
But you can see how people standing by would perceive these events.

Bringing up his family? Eddie posted on his own thread that his wife left him because he was so busy. He cut back. I am glad to hear that they fixed it up. The family situation should be considered first when volunteering for a position. A regular paying job? That's different. But as a volunteer?

I have a grudge? haha If I had a grudge do you think I would have encouraged racers to go to his track for nats? Or any other time for that matter? Would I give out the phone # or website for his track when people call or come in and want an offroad track? Or they can't find it? I give them the info.

Yes, I am out to get him. Like the time one of his racers was having a bad time in his life. He went to stay with Eddie or he put him up.
The racers mom called me and asked, "who is this eddie guy?" Is he ok? is my kid safe?
I said yes, he is fine I told her. Eddie will take care of him. He's a decent guy and he is safe. If I thought that Eddie was doing drugs or was a danger I would have said so. But I knew he was ok.

Eddie is a person. Some people like him and others donít. But I donít hate him. I may dislike some of his actions, vulgar comments and ideas of what he thinks is funny. But I don't hate him.
But if you want to vote for him because of strippers do so. If you think he will do a good job in roar. Go for it.

Dave-Axiom you are full of crap. What was that 5 or 6 years ago? If I got an invoice I would have paid it. Jeez. So where were all the prizes the indoor series was supposed to get last year? You were sponsoring the series right? PM me please if you have issues

Thats a pretty convinient and irresponsible stand your taking. You post all these things you hear about eddie that you see is negative then you say you have nothing to do with it.
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