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Originally Posted by Anthony.L
Silver (Debbie),

Here is a list of respected ROAR racers, ROAR companies, and people here on this forum that have publicly came out and supported EddieO for president.

futureal/RC Tech
Rich Hohwart/Peak Racing
Paul Wynn/Schumacher USA
Eric Anderson/EA Motorsports
Ralph Burch/RC America/Xray
Jason/BMI Racing
Andrew Gray
Stephen Sobottka
Josh Cyrul
Bobby Flack
Mike Dumas
Peter Robinson
dgullickson/Axiom Racing
Bill D/Full Throttle Motorsports
Bob Barry
Kyle Wilson
Fred Hubbard
Jon Kerr
David Galdo
Brett Bowen
RC Thunder
mike ivy

Here is the list of people who opposed him.


The *alleged* PM's and e-mails you received supporting you position. Guess what they are nothing more then a figment of your imagination until they come forward on their own and voice their opinion here. Personally I think they are fabricated by yourself and a couple other racers at your track that also hold grudges against EddieO.

It's sad really, you are a very old women, acting like a 4 year old not getting your way.

You can add me to that list.

Eddie isn't the most politically correct person I met, in fact the first time I saw him post he had blue hair and I thought he was a moron...simply because he had blue hair. If it were red, I may have liked him. Orange definite.

I look at it this way, and the same hold true from when ERNIE won the last election (little know fact there). The worst thing that Eddie could do is nothing, the best thing is ruin it. If he does nothing, nothing changes. If he ruins it, it can be rebuilt without all the stupid bylaws that prevent change.

So I have my ballot on my desk, and it's being sent out today.
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