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I'm gonna try to answer a few of the questions.

- Does this mean we no longer need the chassis specific CRF clutch parts?
We still encourage users to buy one of our clutch sets as it will always perform better than the original stuff when using our engine.

- Do the carb changes alter the run time of the engine?

- Does the engine still start to bog when the humidity increases?
I am not aware of this problem, could you be more specific?

- Do these changes alter the initial HSN/LSN settings?
HSN setting is now 4 turns out from fully screwed in. The needle now rests deeper in the holder. LSN is the same.

- Why is only the needle holder being changed and not the needle itself?
There is nothing wrong with the needle. To allow easier setup, the holder hole is now slightly bigger, this way the needle has to be screwed or unscrewed further to change the setting. This helps a lot with the engine setup.

- Can we get a before and after dyno graph??!!
I will see about that.

- What is the nominal fee for the updated carb body??
I will get the info.

Another modification is to the carburator body itself, the bore is larger than before. This improves the low end response of the engine.

The conical inlet gives better throttle response troughout the rpm range.
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