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Default Center Steering

This week, I placed one of the new 3.4mm topdecks on my carpet car and converted it over to the center steering layout.

Having picked up the topdeck at the IIC last month, it didn't come with any installation instructions (for the center steering); so, I "winged it".

A couple issues quickly came up....1) the too close conflict of the two ball ends with each other; and, 2) the lower center screw head hitting the front belt.

My solution for the ball ends conflict was to slot out the holes to move the ball studs outward from each other. This remedy works fine and there was no need to trim the ends of the ball ends. I am going to experiment with an add-on extension bracket to do the same thing on my asphalt car. I want the steering tie rods to be on different angles from what the instructions say(got them with my second topdeck).

To eliminate the screw head from hitting the front belt, I filed away about 1/16" from the top of the 79251 steering post (RDX). Again, this works great because it eliminates the screw head/belt conflict and improves the angle of the steering tie rods. Otherwise, the instructions say to use a 79250 steering post (Assassin?) which I assume is somewhat shorter than the RDX 79251 post.

Ran the car for the first time yesterday with a one-way. Steering was dialed and I had a shot at TQing in the second round...Yes, I will be doing the same conversion to my asphalt car with a new 2.4mm topdeck.

This is an excellent tuning option...Thanks Corally.

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