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Originally Posted by maxepower
Anytime my friend. So how did the 24 hour Enduro turn out? Did you
break the record? So what was the tire and insert of choice. What tires lasted the longest and for how long did they last. Sorry if there was a thread on all this but I never saw one!
Any info would be great being that our Enduro is tomorrow!
Under the regional forums, northwest racers. there is a thread.

WE ran the Speedmind, premount Sorex 36R
the tires had plenty of life left when we took them off the car, the issue was that the tire was seperating from the wheel after about 1.5 hours.
The record was set. There was no previous record.
What other info are you looking for??
We ran a Novak Brushless 8.5 in a TA05.
What chassis will you be running.
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