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Originally Posted by streetracer745
sorry ive just been buisy lately. like i said before, ive never done anything with these cars and i havent had time to read through the thread. i will take time this weekend and try to be better about some of this. sorry.

drifting with a pan? might be kinda hard considering its 2wd dont you think? i mean it could be done, but i think it would take alot of countersteering and practice. and you couldnt use abs piping for tires because the front wouldnt turn, so it might be hard. but that deffinitly sounds worth a shot. and saying it can be run on the street helps alot. thank you.
You could try the HPI drift Control (D box)I put one one my F1 car and set it to help keep the power slides down and the spinning out and it worked great.
Here for the fun of it!

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