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Dirtracer, that is Jasons paintjob on the 8ight, . He doesn't run the car, I hear he is holding out for the A/E 1/8th scale?

He actually races an MBX5, well now an MBX5R actually, once we finish the build.

Of course to rub salt in the wound, he hadn't run his MBX5 for about 5-6 months and came out to a FL state race in Ocala(a few months back) where he proceded to run the car for two qualifiers and no practice, yet Won the event. I also didn't mention he was driving with a crushed shock body on the right front after T boning a railroad tie in the track with 12 minutes to go. LOL

Not bad in a field of 90 cars. It's funny how critical the handling seems to be to some, yet he was driving with no right front suspension movement and his lap times were still not far off. He battled Gene Hickerson and JR Mitch for a while that way before winning!

Gotta love that!
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