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Default I hope AE will look at all the small design details that...

Originally Posted by TPhalen
Finally someone that makes sense.

When we did the TC3 and it's shaft drive configuration, everyone said it was a bad the Tenth Technology Predator. When it worked and started winning, everyone copied it, or made their versions of it. Shaft drive is proving NOT to be so superior and now that we are trying to get into the belt drive config, there are HOW MANY TC companies out there????? Let's see.

Hot Bodies/HPI
and more?!?!?!?

Don't these cars already sort of resemble one another (ok, except the Losi, but it does have 4 wheels, 2 belts, 2 diffs, dogbones, a motor plate, etc etc).

Point is, everyone already has a dialed in belt car. We don't. We NEED one...the problem is getting something on the market that WORKS, not just releasing something that looks different and sucks ass on the track. We're not a suck-ass-on-the-track company. So, yeah, it may resemble the top-notch cars but that's what works. And that will get us in the winners circle...well, HOPEFULLY that will get us in the winners circle!!!!

Now, for our NEXT TC we can do something different....something out of the ordinary and be ok....we'll have our 'winning' design already established.
make a TC great. The TC5 or whatever it is has the same old shocks and they are mounted the same. Given it's not the production car, I'll hold off on my judgement, but I hope AE will think about every design feature of the car. My biggest complaint was with the diffs, how offten they needed to be rebuilt for carpet and no exturnal diff adjustments. Just my opinion, but why not be the first to make a purpose built lipo car? Use the Orion spec pack for a standard and Novak brushless.
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