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Originally Posted by vtl1180ny
I saw that front suspension a while ago, I think it's more intended for the dirt oval guys than the carpet track....

Marty, couldn't the F1 front suspension be modified to fit a pan chassis?
Well I think the setup is more inline with the F103GT and should be good for a D Drive Touring car like the F103GT.

I am out to make a GTP Chassis (you know this all to well) following most or all of what I do.

See the F206F1 its strut rod is set at 38 degs and in a Pan car it would be around 28 degs and might be to low but I will make that one first for I have everything here to do it.

What I have found I got a few bodies here and an old 1/10 scale pan car I did run at one time years ago I think the (X) system and F1 setup would be the 2 I try first.
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