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John: you're right...I've also expereinced similar results. With 12 scale cars, I have run both CRC carpet knife and T-fource. Carpet knife uses 4 cell sidexside sideways, and T-Fource uses the 4 cell sidexside saddle pack, unlike the Associated L4 4 cell saddle pack. The T-Fource had better traction and stability than the Carpet Knife every time. The problem is that unlike the Assocaited car, you cannot move batteries up or down. Now, Bruce, from SpeedMerchant explains that the pblm with T-plate cars is that when it encounters a bump, its the t-plate which receives the first impact and absorbs the "hit", and then the shock and side springs react, making it less stable, smooth in bumpy surfaces like asphalt, which is why he has designed his SpeedMerchant Rev 4 cars witht he pod-link style system, which allows shocks and dampening to absorb bumps first and thus make it truly work and makes cars much more stable easier to handle. Also, he belives that side springs and dampeners need to be as far out as possible, unlike some car designs out there which have them more towards the center
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