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if there is any, go to ebay and ask one of those hongkong people who sells tamiya and ask how many there are that were sold and still in the market. I believe each of them still have about 11-15 TB Evo 2 and up to 5-6 Evo 1 in their stock. With Tamiya churning up their production to keep up with Evo 3 demands, I think both cars had been least for now.

The failure of tamiya to sell both Evo Is and IIs were blamed on the inefficiency of the drivetrain and the porkiness of the car itself. That's why tamiya skip ahead and produces the 414 and TA04 series to split the original TA01 and 02 away from the TA03 series. Thus the original TA got a new (proud) name to shod: TB series.

I have not been able to race my cars (Evo I and II) but I'm targeting Feb 22 to be the debut of at least my Evo II and see how it goes.

Good luck finding the info, Motorsport00
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