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Default More Top Speed

Originally posted by kevink2
I've got it near full stiff as it is. I guess it's the on power turns where it gets a little more dicey, especially after driving my friend's MTX-3 (ooops did I say that?) and then going directly back to the 27t. Does the 25t supposedly yield more top speed Manticore?
Yeah Mani is right the setup sheet tells me to run a 60mm dia in front and 64mm in Rear to maintain a 1.25:1 overdrive ratio. Now if more rollout is what you want then the 24 tooh conversion (in place of the 19T rears) I showed you is the trick. I am currently running it on the layout at Revelation. The added rollout was quite significant as I no longer have a problem with my car gearing short anymore. The only drawback is the inital hole shot acceleration.


P.S. I think I already asked you, but do up one of the Proto Stratus 2.1 bodies for me! Just in case I forgot!
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