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Thank you for the tips people! I will be getting an el-cheapo kitchen scale soon plus a caliper.

No lah my 04 problems can be summarised as: Too many cooks spoil the brooth I still can't believe after what happened to my tb01 before (lent to ppl, and broke stuff!) I still let ppl drive my new car

The 04 is still 4wd, another reason I not using it because I'm waiting for my one-ways and alum steering to come in. The LHS owner refused to order in for me because she knew it was my exam time

I am kinda using my 01 as the platform for my one-way learning (relearning).... problem between shaft and belt is the bloody 01 off throttle can still carry alot of speed. But I am getting the hang of the one way, drive without braking etc. I feel the key to driving one-ways is the proper lining of teh track. If I manage to drive along the correct lines it is a blast!

Whereas 4WD, if I misplace my car on the wrong line I can still tap brakes to "drift" the car through. And since can brake it makes much easier to avoid collisions Fun to watch but I am sure the timing ain't as good as taking proper lining.

Next time if I got the time and funds I must go malaysia and play with ya bud! The tracks there seem super!
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