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Default Re: RD Logics MTX-3 parts!!! WOW

Originally posted by Fast16Guy0504
i order some mtx-3 parts 2 days ago and just received them from rd logics today. i gotta say that is fast. the parts look and fits great. i highly recommend these parts to anyone with a mtx-3. i also got some other stuff from them while i was at it, the associated stuff is also really nice. the tools are great and the price is even better. anyone else tried there products?
really? i was looking at RD Logics’ site last week and couldn’t order any MTX-3 hop up because they are not available yet, how did you get yours? and WOW, the stuffs you ordered arrives on Sunday too!!! I should have waited and ordered the hop ups from RD Logic instead of from Justrc….. damn………

From your post, I think you are sponsored by RD Logics too or even works for RD Logics. it is ok to promote new stuffs available at RD Logic, but at least have the courtesy to let people know if you are representing the organization. if you really like to post as customers to do the promotion, try to do it not so obvious next time. Speedtech is doing fine without using these tactics.
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