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Originally posted by Fast16Guy0504
i chose the rd mtx-3 stuff because i've had very good experience with there other products. i especially like there exaust pipes, there great. i have them in my on road cars and my off road cars. i like that i can go to a hobby store and pick up some stuff instead of having to order it through the internet. i rather support my hobby shop then buy online.

ah10, are you sponsored by justrc? it seems like you are. i opened this thread because i didnt want to go into justrc's thread and tell people about the rd stuff and talk about rd stuff in there because thats just not right. but you come into this thread (i open this for people that have rd stuff to talk to each other) and tell other people that justrc is faster, to me it seems like your trying to tell people that rd stuff sucks and justrc is better. its cool if thats your own opinion but leave it in another thread.
Come on man! read my post carefully! I am just expressing my opinion as an "Ultimate Customer":

Fact #1: Cost to an Ultimate Customer
Fact #2: Availablity first hand! you know that's all serious player wants, including myself I want all the hop ups as soon as they are available and I want them NOW!
Fact #3: I am also Elite's long time customer, I would say eversince they open! and I know them as a person when they were working for some other hobby shop.
Fact #4, I got all my hop ups 2 WEEKS AGO! honestly 2 weeks ago no one has any hopups for MTX3 except JustRC!

And if you have been hang around the forum long enough and read some of my post and picture posting, I am using RD Logic's pipe myself!

If you dont know all the facts please dont bash ppl like you have done! And please read what ppl write carefully!

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