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Originally posted by Motorman
loose the Gt pipe it is a tork pipe not an RPM pipe. Try an RD logics pipe. It will make more top end. KZ is huge as I understand it. Even an RTU mod runs out of revs there.

If you get the two piece pipe make it as short as you can get it by cutting the header
Thanks Dennis,
Ironically today was the race,. and luckily I was actually able to get a hold of the new RD Logics pipe... whoa! Not only did it give great low down response but also got me to end of the straight away... while also keeping my temps down. My MR-12 was burning up with some other pipes I tried (older RD pipe, Kyosho, and Collari). The motor did have awesome snap with the GT pipe so I may try that out at Revelation later. It looked like it stopped pulling at about the distance Rev's straight is, so it may actually work.
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