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Track was loose today.

I made a few more changes to the car. I removed 1 ounce from the front. This included removing the graphite bumper, but leaving the foam bumper which weighs very little. This will make the car more succeptible to suspension arm breakage in a hard crash. I changed the Aluminum spacer nuts on the servo mounts to plastic nuts of the same size. I Removed the suspension cross brace.

I found some 3.5 pound/inch (very light) front Associated buggy Springs (green) on the wall. I removed about 1/16 from each side shock ball cup to provide space for the long springs. (Cutting off a coil will make the springs stiffer). They installed with a small amount of preload which is fine. Tweak was good. My new shock tops came in so all the blue is back in place.

I lowered the front of the body one hole down on the relocated body supports. I retrimmed it shorter. The front fenders on this Stilletto body are the ideal size for a pan car tire. The hood is low. I like both of these features.
The car had slightly less stability on the straight from the lighter front end, but it had a little softer steering now in the corners. I could drive harder. On occasion I could recover from an impending spin before it happened. I had more steering traction entering the sweeper. I could drive it a bit harder to start with. This is probably from the lower inertia as well as increased flex of the front suspension from removing the brace. I liked the changes. Here are a couple of pics of the changes. I drilled the body post for the lower body pin which keeps the bumper more flat.

Current Setup
Front Springs .022 inch diameter wire. Front Ride Height 5 mm
Caster 1 degree, 5 degree reactive caster block.
Rear Side Springs 3.5 pound per inch (lb/in), oil 20 weight (SAE), #2 piston
Center Spring 12.5 lb/in oil 40 weight, #2 piston, Rear Ride Height 6.5 mm
Pod droop when held in the air about 2 mm.
Low roll center kit shimmed up .018 inch with a single Losi spring steel Belleville washer, pointy side up, but tightened flat. For strength. It makes a very thin washer.
Purple front, Treat inner 1/2 With Corraly Jack the gripper. The front tire is 3.3 inch diameter now from wear and truing. Camber 0.
Pink rear, Treat full tire 20 minutes with Corally Jack the Gripper
Rear Tire is 3.3 inch Diameter Now from wear. I have used it a lot.
Motor Novak 4.5 R with LRP Competition Sphere Speed control. Gear 6.0 (84/14), Steel Pinion. Diff Loose but not slipping. Batteries are 3800 mA-h Magnum LiPo's from Apogee.

We plan to treat the track for some more video tomorrow if the weather is good.
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