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Do the tweak after balancing ur car with weights.

try and look 4 untweaking suspension in the articles - just found it

make sure that your car does not have any part of the suspension *binding* when iu tweak it cause it will make make tweaking the car WAY off ( after tweak it will b worst cause the binding will cause some inbalance in the suspension )

the suspension must be smooth and move under its own weight or naturally with the cars weight without any other external force applied to it it must compress nicely and extend fully with out any binding while its fitted on the car

check the oil in the suspension and the rebound on it .. make sure they r the same - extend at the same time or equal from left to right the check shafts for bent or scratches cause they cause binding also check if the inbound stroke (compress) has Equal resistance while compressing and while extending they move together at the same speed check the piston to see if they r binding up and lastly check the psiton holes to see if they r stuck

(once i had 3 hole on my right and 2 hole on my left suspension)
lol a RUSH job the car was weird left turn it oversteared and the right understeared

i think most cars come balanced so there should not be too much tweaking or compression when u compare it from the right to left .

HAHAHA what happen to the o4? what did u/the person u lent it to smash ?
hehe u using dual one way?? lol its hard to control need some gettin used to
not only the turn radius is amazing ... do try this when the parts arrive

go to a asphlat/tarmac car park which is clean and big go full trottle then let off fullt and turn hard into a imaginary apex and when the front end of the car reaches the middle of the apex FULL BLAST out u will see how the car turns it will NOT* drift out like full 4wd imagine that if u could master this skill on the track.
and yeah if u spin while punchng the trottle comming out of the imaginary apex try to tune for more REAR grip untill u dont spin
if u r using a mod motor say 10x3 dont punch the trottle soo soon - u WILL spin

learn how to drive one way setup and in no time u will very fast in the track
good luck learning
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