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Thanks guys. Carl and I are working on a new video that may show the straight quite a bit better. By the way his car is a Mugen MTX-4. The motor is a fairly new O.S. .12 TZ MOD. My Pantoura is running the Novak 4.5 R motor. I can see a 3.5 in my future.

Lola T530 Gas Outlaw body
I tested the Protoform Lola T530 Gas Outlaw body on the narrow pan car today. I have little good to say about it. I first tried it in the low wing position and body mounts in the same position as my Stilletto body. This is a bit lower than the wheel cutout marks suggest front and back. I had a little more steering traction. Not good. I had less stability on the straight. I moved the body way down in front next. This shortened the nose a little and reduced frontal surface area. I put the wing up. I still had too much oversteer. I still had poor stability on the straight, enough so that I could not reach full throttle. I tested this body back to back twice with the Stilletto body. So the home modified Stilletto is a keeper for the narrow car. (or that Salleen) This Lola body seems to work better for the gas cars. The main problem for me are two fold. The front of the body is very steep and very high for a pan car. This gives too much front grip. The side dams go too far forward, this along with the high flat sides at the front moves the center of lateral wind pressure farther forward than neccesary for a pan car.

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