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i do not recomemded you go to anodized your parts, because i did my black cyclone to purple color last time my aluminium parts a lot of tolerence and the screw hole are easy to strip off. you still can get your blue part on Precision rc. i did remeber that i brought the black reinforce upper bulkhead form precision rc too.

Originally Posted by floodo1
that doesnt fully work, because of the upper bulkheads. the blue and purple ones are reinforced and the black ones are not. so you'd probably want to get at least those anodized black.

i will agree that re-anodizing things generally does come out looking pretty poorly (dull as mentioned), but this is dependant on what aluminum it is and what the color change is. going to a darker color like black may not end up looking bad. again it will come down to which alloy that HB uses.

As for where to get it done that varies. If you just need a handful of parts (ie not a whole cyclone) your local anodizer will probably do it on the side for some low price. Just goto them and explain that you're a hobbyist and only need a small number done.

If however you're trying to get a whole car done or something that probably won't work, though its definately worth a shot. Our local anodizer (one of them anyway) let me pay him side prices for seriously hundreds of pieces, before he started charging me per part.

The trick with anodizing is that they have minimums but the per part cost is very low. The price is based on surface area, but even something like extended pan car pod plates are about $1.00 or less. so a part like front bulkheads should be nearer to 75 cents or something. Most shops have something like 75 dollar minimum. So as you can see you'd need 100 + parts before you actually get the real rates per piece.

If you're really serious i'd post a thread, I know a fair amount of people have cars redone, so I'm sure someone can suggest an anodizer thats cheap and shipping friendly.

But like Zombies said, I'ld find someone with a black car to trade. Trade everything but the upper bulkhead, and then hitup the local anodizer to get those done.

PS- black is a common color so you stand a really good chance of the guy doing it for REALLY cheap if you're just doing the bulkheads (they can just put it in with someone elses stuff).
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