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I probably have "more" fun and spend "less" money on my F-1 car than any other type of racing i do.

I think the "FORCE" name is cool, if its not being used right now.

The Tamiya races i attended were pretty popular..then it just died in this area.....I think Tamiya having only 2 tire compounds is one of the best things you can do for racing...if you race sedans you know what i'm talking about..the truly mind boggling variety of tires and inserts is crazy.Also...i like the Big Johnson motors...they are plenty fast for F-1 the extreme..maybe run street spec motors...something a little faster or the 5 degree.Spec brushes maybe...just keep the racng fun, where youre not spending time tweaking motors, i know people tweak Big J's but..theres only so much you can do.....sorry..just thinking out loud.
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