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That is exactly why I started Formula 1 RC ( I wanted to expand on Richard Hing's work that he did with Formula R/C Activ. I wanted to create the best source of information for R/C F1 racing and foster a commuinty of F1 R/C drivers to share information etc.

If you notice on the site it states that we need everyone's participation and support in the sport. Everyone visits the site, but only a few care to contribute. We average over 200 user session per day from all over the world. That's 200 people that are interested in F1 R/C racing that visit the site every day

If you guys are serious about making F1 more successful then contribute to the websites. It's great that everyone participates in the forums but their are a lot of people out there that don't look at these (count the number of active people in this thread....there aren't that many are there?).

There could be people visiting Formula 1 RC from your own town interested in getting into F1 racing but they aren't aware of you guys. That's one of the things that keeps people out of the F1 scene...they don't know about it or available races.

Let me know what you guys think. There are lots of ideas for stuff to put on the F1 parts listinges...etc.
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