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yeah lean it out until it goes without stalling. rev it out a bit in the air before you throw it on the ground if it keeps doing it just lean it out 1/8th turn evry time until it takes off with no prob but be carful you dont lean it out too much or youll cook the engine.

then tune it to temperature.but mainly feel of acceleration upto max throttle.with a nice smoke trail etc.

as for your idle. screw the idle screw in a bit so it revs up a little on idle but only to the point that your car doesnt move dont screw it in so far that the car moves then you cant call it idle can you hehe.

just be sure to rev it out for a bit before you try to drive it get it warm. see how you go.

if you cant get a handle on it by tuning then you may have problems with air leaks or carby problems or fuel tank leaks .
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