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Originally Posted by COREX
I am just telling the truth, why you can't handle the truth?
What truth are you talking about-one word you wrote -you can't support with small bit of legimate info? So everybody are idiots and all reces results over the year was falsificated ? Now god Corex came and open eyes. I am actualy glad that you came across. I was hopping that you will bring one instance which I am not awere of, but now since you just keep talking without any kind of info, that is telling very clear you have no clue in RC. You have no sources or knowoldge to play real RC, you just bashing around RcTech forum ( i read all your posts try to find out how smart you are), insulting guys from Team Kamikaze ( btw, you did take wrong guy there-that one is pretty good driver ) etc. Just keep doing that-it will ruin your credobility more and more. Keep going!!!!!
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