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Default Tire choice for parkinglot racing?????


I really would not recommend Pro-line or HPI brand tires for racing if Sorex, Take-Off or Yokomo's are availible.


S2's: (any type) Poor Traction. Maybe OK for an Electric Car.
S3's: Good on Concrete, OK on Asphalt with firm inserts. Wear very fast.

HPI Tires;

The "R" series tires are decent, but have a VERY narrow temperature range and will lose grip completely if out of range. The 33R's seem to have the widest range of all but need a track temp of at least 80F to grip properly.
All of the other compounds just don't have the grip and the wear to justify purchase over some of the better brands.

Check page "2" of this Thread for a detailed explaination of the other brands of tires.

These recommendations are from my actual racing experience with these tires and not just second hand information.
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