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Originally Posted by dodgeguy
Hey Todd question for ya.

I do not know if a manufacture has done something like I am about to ask. It seems that prototyping a car platform is done by the top level drivers of that company. Usually those drivers can drive just about anything fast. What about when that same car is put into the club racers hand? I can see how a new racer from a RTR kit can at times see better lap times. But most of us will change cars because we want to be fast. And if a Team driver says, "yeah this car is so much faster". But for the club racer the new car is no faster. I run a T2 now and really like it. I would not think of changing at all right now because I feel I am fast with the T2. But has testing ever been done where you gave a car to a club racer to see if just the car and tuning of this new car is that much better than the competition car that club racer normally runs? I know racers change cars because of other reasons, parts, durability, sponsor.
I know this is for Todd but...

I have let a lot of people from our track run my car from the time it was first made to now. They are extremely happy with the performance and amazed by how much development went into the car. They have also noticed the changes that had been made along the way. It was one of our main concerns when the car was being devolped. I told Todd it was great if you can drive it but the average guy needs to be able to also. I think everyone will be impressed with the car when it comes out.

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